SetPay rewards concert attendees for tracking a concert's setlist.

My Role Product Designer

Platform iOS web app

Timeline Mar 2022

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Jackson Delahunt Product Manager
Mohammad is talented and sharp. Paired with a keen design sense and patience when dealing with clients, he’s a trustable resource to work with when it comes to UI/UX design.


SetPay rewards concert attendees for tracking a concert’s setlist. Earn SetPay (SET) Tokens by keeping track of what songs are performed tonight. SET Tokens unlock cool artist-related rewards including merchandise, tickets, backstage passes, and digital collectibles (NFT).

My Role

I'm the product designer for this project. I collaborated with product manager (Jackson) throghout this project.


Business Goals

🩵 Increase User Engagement
Encourage users to actively participate in tracking setlists and voting during concerts, thereby increasing overall user engagement on the SetPay platform.

💸 Monetization through Partnerships
Provide opportunities for partnerships with artists, venues, and sponsors, leveraging the voting flow to create new revenue streams through collaborations and sponsorships.

User Goals

💰 Support Favorite Artists
Contribute to the fair compensation of your favorite musicians by accurately tracking and confirming the songs performed during a concert, ensuring songwriters are paid fairly.

🎁 Earn Rewards
Effortlessly earn SET Tokens and redeem them for exclusive rewards like merchandise, tickets, backstage passes, and digital collectibles.

User Research

Before starting to design I deep dive into ganing knowledge of target users. user research have done by another person. I created a simple persona to start user centeric design.

an old man uses a phone with a glass
Persona: Richard Thompson, 57 yo, Retired, former music enthusiast

The Retired Music Enthusiast

Richard is a retired individual who spent the majority of his career working in the tech industry. Having a deep love for music, especially classic rock and blues, he now enjoys attending concerts and occasionally organizing small local events. Richard is tech-savvy and has been an iPhone user for many years.

The Process

I was tasked to improve the mobile user experience in order to increase the conversion leads. At the same time, establish a stronger brand identity throughout the design. The project scope includes the web redesign and iOS app user experience improvements.

I kicked start the web redesign after a few round of brain storming sessions with the client. The process includes:

  • Observing users and their behavior in their context, interact with and experience what users experience.
  • Defining the problem faced by the client and the users.
  • Explore solutions that is possible with the given timeline.
  • Prototyping the ideas for testing

Unfortunately, we did not move forward with other pages because the client need to prioritise mobile design update ( this is very common especially for a startup company, agile development, they need to focus what is core to the business). So, we started discussions and meetings for the mobile design.

add listing process
The process of listing property on the platform.

It is always challenging when dealing with data driven app with such small screen real estate. Once again, I strive for minimalistic and simplicity.

The Result

My design was not accepted. I am not sure what is the reason, however, this is a special project, because I almost landed a permanent job. After meeting the founder and get to know the office culture, I am excited to have the opportunity to work with such a passionate and energized team.

agent chat workflow
exploring the way user initiates a conversation with the agents.

However, things didn’t turn out as expected. I have to move to Singapore in order to pursue the position and that’s not a good timing as my wife had just giving birth to our first baby boy few months ago. I have chosen my family this time.

After all, this is quite an exciting project as I have the opportunity to work for a promising startup and learn quite a few non-technical things along the journey.

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