Hi, I'm Mohammad.

I am a interaction designer


I've been in the web industry since 2013. I've got a bachelor's degree in software engineering and a master's in multimedia and technology, but here's the cool part: I've learned everything about the web by myself. I love making stuff on YouTube and my blog, and I'm always hunting for new ways to learn and get better.

My journey led me from the realm of a front-end developer until the close of 2019, a moment when I heeded the call of my passion. This marked my transformation into a designer. I've gained a wealth of knowledge through Interaction Design Foundation courses and insightful books, shaping me into the professional I am today.

  • User-Centered Design: apply my design thinking expertise to craft user-focused designs.
  • Solid engineering background, I create prototypes with code
  • Coding Proficiency: Fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for seamless design-to-development collaboration.
  • Business-Driven Solutions: Infusing design with business understanding for successful, user-centric outcomes.
  • Data-Informed Iteration: Using data insights to refine designs based on user feedback.
  • Collaborative Problem Solver: Collaborating with diverse teams to create holistic design solutions.

I work remotely from my home office.


Currently, I'm a senior designer at System Group, the largest software company in Iran. I'm part of their subsidiary, Abramad Cloud. My role involves establishing streamlined design and UX writing processes. I handle research, competitor analysis, and collaborate closely with product managers. Together, we craft comprehensive product requirement documents and I translate them into seamless interfaces.

Moreover, I collaborate directly with developers, ensuring their outputs align perfectly with the design. This meticulous oversight guarantees that every element adheres faithfully to the design standards.

My approach revolves around the double diamond design process. It lets me zoom out for the project's big picture, while diving deep into microinteractions. This blend of focus and flexibility ensures high-quality design outcomes with each iteration. You can explore all my work in detail on my portfolio.

Drop me a line at KordDesigner [at] gmail if you have an idea in mind that we can work together. The more details about your project you include in your message, the faster I will get back to you. You’ll hear back from me within 1 - 3 business days. I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂